Vince Paparella as the VP of Dawood Engineering

Quite some time has passed since Vince Paparella started working the VP of Harrisburg, Dawood Engineering, Inc, a leading engineering firm based in PA. Being among the engineering enterprises that is reputed all over the country Dawood is a consultancy firm that is  multi-disciplinary and has a professional management and offers specialized services in of engineering projects diverse scopes. Such projects consist of land assessment & development, environmental services, geotechnical engineering and transportation among others.

Vince’s association with this firm has been since 1998 and he’s become extremely popular among his higher-ranking, equivalent and low-ranking officials at Dawood and also among its key clients and connections. This popularity can be attributed to his profound knowledge and proficiency. He is endowed with wonderful leading talents that help him plan, guide and work in partnership with his squad to guarantee the successful accomplishment of all projects undertaken by his team.  Following getting an Associate Degree from the Hagerstown Junior academy in which his specialization was engineering he commenced his working life. He held the post of Survey Technician of Byers & Runyon for a period of 5 years since 1993. Following his stint there, he joined Dawood.

Dawood Engineering’s branded among the rapidly developing engineering consultancy firms of USA. What makes this firm unique is its approach towards a project and its analysis and solutions. Such features make it among the most preferred consultancy for public /private enterprises. Having its headquarter in Pennsylvania, this engineering firm present services covering an extensive area that include Pittsburgh, Virginia, Massachusetts, Philadelphia,   Sayre & other adjoining states, via its various offices.

Talking about the projects that involve land development & highway reconstruction Vince Paparella states that the management, coordination and persistence assessment of jobs done are key to such projects being done perfectly. It is a fact that in any engineering project any deviation from particulars could be damaging. Thus the responsibility of the higher-ranking executives at Dawood is ensuring that things are in line with what the client has ordered. The areas that Dawood specializes in are

  • Site Planning & development of land
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Traffic study, assessment & Design
  • Geotechnical matters
  • Survey & Mapping
  • Issues that pertain to the Environment
  • Management of Storm Water & Wastewater
  • Consultancy services
  • Constructions

Having been a motivated engineer Vince Paparella is vastly knowledgeable and proficient in jobs that involve diverse engineering activities. A number of them are measures for controlling erosion, topographical surveys, land developmental assignments, management of storm-water & wastewater, upgrading, every activity needed for highway developments, ALTA surveys and site planning. He is also greatly skilled in handling projects that involve Hydrology, Drainage, Geotechnical engineering & Water resources. Dawood’s list of most important clients that are quite a few cover a chain of industries like transportation, commercial,  oil & gas and construction.

As the engineering projects that this consultancy enterprise undertakes are large-scale and cover private & public sectors it frequently appoints highly skilled expert engineers who have been working in their respective fields for numerous years. Vince Paparella is also responsible for training the field engineers that he heads and also imparts them with sound knowledge.