VR Trends to Watch Today and Tomorrow

Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer an abstract idea as many of us have hands-on experience of this technology either through Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift or similar type of headsets. Today, VR is expanding beyond just gaming and finds its place in various industry sectors. Growing interest of tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have already proven that VR is here to stay.

VR is getting known for facilitating businesses in simplifying processes while promoting products or services. Here you may raise a question: How does VR help enterprises? Well, VR offers an immersive experience to the users, and they feel like entering into the entirely different virtual world. Brands can get a customer’s attention without any distraction through using VR.

These days, not just the big names, but mid-sized companies also seem willing to jump on the VR bandwagon through implementing the right combination of investment, hardware, content, and customized business applications. We can say that decades of VR hype has finally started to bear fruits. As VR emerges as a grown-up domain, it is interesting to see where it is heading for the future.

Following are some of the noteworthy VR trends that can set the stage for years to come:

New norm called VR

As enterprises are now aware of what VR can do for improving business processes and gaining a competitive advantage, they are going to implement it in full swing. As the integration of VR technology with enterprise systems is going on at full pace across the world, we can say that we are entering the era where VR is not a newcomer, but a norm!

VR content would get focus

VR content creation is flourishing as people related to VR have started giving special focus on VR creation. This is the beginning of golden times for VR content that maintains the subtle balance between high demand and regular consumption on a programmatic basis. The aim is, of course, at mobile VR devices like Google Cardboard, Homido, etc.

VR will become a big bat for biggies

Dell Technologies is one of the greatest VR players to date that applies VR actively in the work environment through the application. Dell has also developed workstations dedicated to VR content creation. Thereby, the company wants to bring VR experience to the masses. Many other big companies have also decided to give the top priority to VR.

VR is for fashion and retail

Top fashion and apparel brands like Dior and Topshop have utilized VR successfully, and they’re going to invest more in the VR technology as it can give more personalized and intimate connection with consumers. VR mirrors cannot be ruled out in the near future. Google has released Daydream View to get a 360-degree VR experience. It facilitates the retail segment to offer more convenience.

Filmmaking and VR

The entertainment industry comes out as one of the greatest beneficiaries of VR technology. Soon, filmmaking is going to incorporate the power of VR for converting unlimited virtual opportunities into reality. Qualcomm Wireless’ small film ‘Mothers of the Atlas’ is an epitome of a VR film. It offers an immersive experience while bringing an issue of women live in rural area of Atlas Mountains.

In a way, the world’s leading tech companies strive for bringing VR to the masses; it is now up to the users how fast they can get adapted to VR in daily activities.

It’s time to think beyond gaming for a revolutionary VR technology. We can say that the excitement built around VR would rise dramatically, and take it to the next level.