Ways to Decorate your Home Using Rugs

Bored of the way your room is looking and need an immediate change?

Wondering how to add some color or get your room to look more exciting?

One of the easiest yet effective ways to change the look of a room is by adding a rug. Rugs are the most versatile pieces of material which can not only be used to spruce up a place but at the same time give the room some character and visually make the place look very welcoming.

Decorative rugs come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and color.  Each room has its own interior type and requires a different type of rug. When we think of a rug, we usually think of it to be rectangular. But rugs are available in all shapes and sizes.

You need to find the right shape to go with your room layout and furniture. The best part about using a rug to decorate your home is that rugs are extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways.

Ways to Use a Rug

Entrance Piece

Using a small and brightly colored decorative rug as a doormat will immediately catch people’s attention while walking into your home. Make sure that you use a dark shade and a sturdy washable rug as it may get dirty when placed at the entrance.

For Definition

You can use a rug to separate sections in your living room, such as your dining area from the seating area. This gives subtle definition to large spaces in your home which are not physically divided by walls.

Wall Hangings

Want to add some color to your wall and make it stand out but don’t want to go through the hassle of painting it? Hang a rug! Yes, rugs can also be used on a wall, and trust me, they make the wall come alive. However, you need to take one precaution before hanging a rug on a wall, which is to add a casing. Casing is basically fabric in the form of a strip which needs to be added to the rug to provide it with some extra support to ensure that it does not fall off the wall.

Extra Seating Space

Placing decorative rugs in the living room can not only make the space look cozy but also provide extra seating space for people. People can relax and stretch their legs on the rug and  it also gives the room a classy and enhanced look.


A long carpet can be used on the staircase in your house. This helps in adding subtle color to your home and at the same time provides extra safety, by reducing the chances of slipping.  Just make sure to take complete measurements of the entire staircase and individual steps for this type of rug.

Who would have guessed that a rug could entirely change a room’s personality and looks, and, add to a room’s décor to make it look like your very own piece of heaven, right!?