What Do Experts Recommend For Dog Training?

So, you dog is giving you the hard time, isn’t he? And you’re searching for the best dog training technique to teach him few lessons. Dog trainers have always complained that instead of the dogs, their owners need proper education and certification, in order to train their pets the right way.

Applying Your Own Ways Can Make Them Worse

As pet owners do not have dog trainer certification, they tend to do these mistakes:

  • Implement unnecessary rules and regulations,
  • Not understand how their pets’ natural response
  • They tend to expect the response in their own way
  • They implement certain rules that unleash bad behaviors in pets

You have to input a lot of time and have special knowledge while going through dog training, but most of the people don’t have that much time or resources. Therefore, it is advisable to register with a proper training institute, such as Pet Camp and learn how to train dogs and get the best behavior out of them.

Points to Remember

  • Plan different training programs for your dog, but the real issue is consistency and involvement.
  • Unlike human training programs, those designed for pets have shorter duration and higher frequency.
  • You may have to take your dog through 3 to 4 training sessions of 10 to 15 minutes each, every day.

Following are the most common and useful dog training techniques that are used these days. These training programs are interconnected and may involve similar inputs.

  1. Positive Reinforcement Program

There’s no better way than to reward your pet for showing good and desirable behavior. Positive reinforcement can be used in dog obedience program in order to speed up the training process.

This training technique is used for dogs with extreme negative or submissive behavior. You can train extremely aggressive dogs or extremely fearful dogs using positive reinforcement method.

In this technique, you can include rewards, such as, food, bounties, walk in the park, ride in the car and any other thing that makes your dog excited. This training technique should always identify positive behaviors, have same duration and frequency as for above method, and should be entertaining for your dogs.

  1. Obedience training Program

Dog obedience training is the first step to civilizing and socializing your pet. While canine training certification is recommended for better and deep results, you can initiate this training program with a little knowledge and research.

  • Begin by choosing the right training equipment. Be selective while choosing dog leash, collar and other necessary items.
  • Allocate 15 to 20 minutes or less, depending upon your dog’s age. For puppies, training session may be shorter; 10 minutes max, while adult dogs can be trained for 15 minutes or so.
  • You have to initiate the training by introducing different sets of instructions – or commands. Select two or three basic words, such as, “Sit”, “Stand”, “Run”, “Come”, “Go” etc. and train your dog daily in 3 sessions. The more time you spend, the better it is for the dog.
  • While teaching these commands, make sure your dog “stays” in the desirable position for a while. You can also include “come when called” command in the obedience training program.