What Makes Voonik Different From Other Fashion Websites?

As per the latest surveys in the year 2012, around 1.4 billion people in the world were found to be on or the kind of social networking sites. With the beginning of the year 2014,  almost 74 % online adults were found to be a part of  social networking sites, and these numbers will continue to grow higher and higher. Over the last three to four years, the evolution of social networking sites has allowed the e-commerce industry to increase their market and publicity. Speaking of the current scenario, India is ranked as the fourth largest market for smart phones with more than 117 million users.

With such an exponential growth in all the e-commerce industries, there is nothing wrong in saying that India is coming up with its own variety of social commerce platforms. The E-commerce websites like myntra, Amazon, flipkart, voonik etc are ruling the roost in India. However, Voonik -The Indian fashion industry worth billions has got an edge over all other fashion websites.

The Sequoia founded company, Voonik, is an online fashion store and consumer favourite. This online fashion marketplace reaches out to around 40 lakh different women everyday and has a record of over 5 million app downloads on various Android and IOS devices. The app has an average 4.2 star rating and an active customer base of approximately 5.5 million women. The website has reached the global markets by running various television and other times of campaigns. The fashion website comes with   more and more global brands which can be accessed by millions of people. Voonik, with the claim of styling lakhs of women, have the stylists as part of their team. The stylists help you to choose your favourite fashion products.

Voonik recommends personalised fashion for its users from the multiple stores totally based on what they like (heart) and  what they dislike (x). Voonik has now expanded into men’s fashion also.

Voonik is not different only because of its wide variety of fashion products but also because of the new innovative idea. Voonik now comes with idea of ‘klips’ ie creating small communities of the users with similar fashion sense. Back in times, shopping has been favourite pastime and a kind of social activity for women. Women usually tend to shop in pairs and groups. Klip allows you to do the same process online. Women can shop on a on a crisp and clean interface and create a rich and fun shopping experience.

Voonik gives its consumers an opportunity to shop with a social conscience. Voonik provides eco-friendly products for the people who do not want to buy Fancy Brands. The quality of the material is unparalleled and the production is from the most exclusive and finest eco-friendly zone around.

For the people who are conscious about the labels, the fashion store offers a flawless shopping experience. Such consumers receive niche services like:

  • A personal shopper
  • Personalized cataloguing
  • Styling services through live chat