When is Vetsulin for Dogs Prescribed?


Diabetis mellitus can also affect our beloved pet dogs, as well as cats. Thankfully, managing diabetes for your pets has become more and more convenient and effective, as Vetsulin insulin for dogs and cats are available in the market. For diabetes that affects dogs, most of the time they are insulin dependent and for which they will need insulin shots regularly as part of their maintenance medication regimen.

Product Features

Vetsulin is an insulin shot for both dogs and cats, and its manufacturer, Merck Animal Health, has made it possible for the Vetsulin to be administered in two ways: First, the traditional method using syringes, and secondly, the VetPen, an alternative tool for administering insulin shots.

As the only FDA-approved product made for treating and managing dogs’ and cats’ diabetes mellitus, it is proven effective in reducing the chances of your pet developing diabetes-related complications, such as diabetic ketoacidosis (where fatty acids are used by the body as substitutes for glucose). It is also porcine-based, or animal-derived insulin, which matches the same canine amino acids, therefore making it easier for dogs to register into their system and avoiding any development of anti-insulin antibodies.

Vetsulin insulin for cats and dogs is an intermediate-acting insulin and it is long-lasting. It reduces the high blood sugar in the dog or cat’s bloodstream. For most pets, improvements can be noticed after a few days of administering the shots. It is recommended that the use of this medication must not be discontinued unless directed by a veterinarian, nor should you alter the dosages yourself. Constant, consistent usage will enable your dog or cat to live better and more comfortably, without the risk of developing ketoacidosis.

Vetsulin is available in 10mL vials and 2.7mL cartridges. For the traditional method, U-40 insulin syringes must be used. Vetsulin also has invented their own method, the VetPen, which administers the shot easier using a pen-shaped device. These shots are usually administered once every day, after eating or while eating. It is very important that you must consult your veterinarian first so he and she can prescribe the correct dosage of insulin that’s appropriate for your pet dog or cat.

Pros and Cons of Vetsulin

Pros of Vetsulin include:

  • Reduces hyperglycemia, controls glucose levels
  • Helps manage and eliminate the diabetic symptoms
  • Reduces the chances of complications related to diabetes
  • The only FDA-approved insulin for pets in the U.S.
  • Rapid action, and long-lasting
  • Cost-effective

Cons of Vetsulin include:

  • Rare side effects include swelling of the face, tongue and lips, as well as hives.
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) may occur, so it’s of utmost importance that you monitor your dog or cat’s blood sugar consistently.
  • This medication is not suited for dogs and cats who have allergies to pork.

Where to buy Vetsulin

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