Which is Best: Electric Chain Sharpener or File?

Every time you turn to any woodworking forum, you won’t miss a common thread.

That is: Which is the best, an electric chain sharpener or file? This is a question that every first woodworker asks. Well I have used both of them and I know their flaws.

You benefit greatly from this short in-depth article before you make a decision to purchase any of them.

Okay, let start….

What it means to have a file sharpener?

Before you shell out your cash, to get this tool, they are couple of thing you need to know.

The first one:

You need skill on how to work with a file sharpener. Your experience with it will affect the finish that you get on your chainsaw.

You need to have prior knowledge on how to sharpen a chainsaw before getting yourself a file sharpener. That said, I don’t think it is best for beginners but for experienced folks.

The one problem about a file sharpener is that you must keep up with consistence in the angle. Otherwise, you may have some blades which are not sharp in the end.

The reason why people love the file sharpener is that it is economical compared to an electric chain sharpener.

The other benefit of having this tool is that you can go with it to your workstation unlike an electric sharpener.

In short, it is portable.

What you need to know about an electric sharpener?

An electric sharpener saves time and increases your efficacy.

It takes less time to finish the job. It maintains a consistency angle during the sharpening. That means you get the right precision of work.

You will only need to apply less amount of effort to get the work done.

On the price side, an electric sharpener is 2 or 3 times more expensive than an ordinary file sharpener. But the big benefit of having a tool like this is that you get the best value for your money.

That said, if you are a beginner in woodworking, you are better of having an electric sharpener in the place of a file.

The problem with an electric sharpener is that it is not portable. That means you can’t move with it unless you are sure that where you are going there will be an electric outlet.

That said; make sure that you sharpen your chainsaw before going for work. Or have a file sharpener as a companion.

The only problem with an electric sharpener is it takes meager amount of skills to set the whole thing up.

Here is what to do next.

That is the difference.

If you prefer to save time and you need to be efficient, then get yourself an electric sharpener.

For those who are experience, it is better to have a file sharpener just in case you need to do some sharpening for the chainsaw and the electric sharpener is far away.

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