Windows Phone – Gaining Momentum in Developing Economies

Ours is a digitally sound world because we almost have everything on our finger tips nowadays. Right from the online shopping, sending and receiving E-mails, sharing our views on social networking sites are done from the comfort of our Smartphone’s. They have made our life easy as we can get the information from every part of the globe.

Many latest operating systems like Android and IOS have made their mark in the global market and taking the lead is Windows 8 featured Phones which has given a new face to the Microsoft Company. The VP, Eddie O’Brien Microsoft is a name the company can bank upon for his expertise in various fields and advices for the team to develop add-on features for the Windows Phones.

Making the Mark in Emerging Economies

The American giant IT Company Microsoft has recently targeted the mobile market of the developing economies. The movement of the Windows operated phones will now be done in the developing economies. This will also help the company in leveraging its sales in the targeted economies which will help it boost the production of the mobile phone.

Eddie O’Brien Microsoft who heads the sale and marketing channels related to the Microsoft manufactured Windows Phone is working towards the creation of strategically sound market for the Smartphone. The mobile market is taking lead in the following ways:-

  • The market revenue of the Windows phone have doubled in the recent years as the company has created its platform in the most efficient way.
  • Windows Phones have created a niche for themselves in the developing economies where there is a low market for the Smartphone’s and iPhones. The countries namely China, India, Indonesia, Turkey are on the list of the company so that they can be targeted by the team of telecom experts.
  • In the Mexican country, the Windows Phone in collaboration with the America Movil has created a strong base for its Smartphone market.
  • Even the stronger markets of Finland (the giant manufacturer of Nokia Phones), Poland and United Arab Emirates have seen double the amount of increase in Windows Phone share.
  • The Windows Phone market has also surpassed the BlackBerry market in 24 odd countries with an increased share in its sales.

Investor’s Role in the Windows Market

It can be seen that way back when Windows Phones were new in the market and they were competing hard with the Android and iOS market. So, the Eddie O’Brien Microsoft , VP was of the keen futuristic view that it will develop its unique identity in the coming time.

With the expertise advice from the O’Brien it has actually come a long way as many investors are now investing heavily in Windows Phones. Even many big names are also using the Windows operated phone and are ready to invest in it.

So, we can see that the slow and steady has actually come into limelight under the experts’ advice and by outsourcing effective services.